Where Are They Now?

Click the link above to see the last known position of the USUK Racing rally car using APRS and Google Maps!http://aprs.fi/?call=ki4vfe&mt=m&z=11&timerange=3600shapeimage_2_link_0
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July 2013: USUK Racing produces rally spec LED Light Bars!

March 2013: Sandblast Rally - 2nd in class for new car!

February 2013: New Rally Car Revealed!

September 2012: Black River Stages - 3rd in class, last run for the Focus.

End July 2012: Rally West Virginia - 6th place.

Mid July 2012: New England Forest Rallies - 7th & 5th place finishes.

Mid June 2012: Hyperfest - mechanical DNF.

June 2012: Susquehannock Trail Performance Rallies - DNF & 6th.

March 2012: WRC Rally Mexico! All stages complete! 4th in class!

February 2012: Sandblast Rally - 1st in class, 6th overall!

September 2011: Black River Stages - 12th place with mechanical issues.

August 2011: Rally West Virginia - 7th place, ARC

Sometimes, if we have a viable wireless connection, we broadcast directly from the rally car! Click Livestream above to watch.
Kieran Wright and his father, Simon Wright, are the amateur rally racing team known as USUK Racing. The name reflects their American (Kieran) and British (Simon) heritages. Simon and Kieran have been competing in North American rally events since 2007, building their first rally car together. In their first year they became the Rally Spec Focus class champions and went on to develop their skills together in many other events, improving their standings at each event and achieving several podium finishes.

Having completed over 40 events together, Simon and Kieran, are the 2010 and 2011 Two Wheel Drive Champions in the NASA Rally Sport Atlantic Rally Cup. Beginning a new phase of their adventure, Simon and Kieran, with much help from Crew Chief Mike Miller, have built a new Open Light class rally car. An AWD Subaru Impreza. They are hoping to continue their remarkably high finish record with the new rally car.

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Our amazing new LED Light Bars
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