Just a day or two before we head off to Maine we learn that Marcel cannot crew for us as he had intended. So we’re scrambling for replacement crew, calling around everyone we know. Nathan McCarthy, who had offered his help earlier is suddenly promoted to team Crew Chief at his very first rally event. Also Jessie Lewis and friends, who were also crewing for TAG Rally Sport, offered to help us out and to train Nathan in his new role.

They have reorganized the schedule from last year putting the jumpy Concord Pond earlier in the day to reduce spectator issues. They were unable to obtain permission to run some of the other stages used last year but did secure another set of stages that turned out to be excellent and not nearly as rough.

The first stage is a run through the super special stage at Sunday River and we’re flying our US and UK flags again.

Stage 2 was the fun Concord Pond stage followed by 2 runs (up and back) of the Icicle Brook stage. We were a bit disappointed in our 7th place finish in the first of the two regional raliies.

We did a bit better finishing 5th in class on the second regional rally.