Our crew this year is Marcel Ciascai and Mike Miller and they do a fine job preparing the car for the event. We make one run through the shakedown stage on Friday but either cause or discover that one
of the front strut top mounts has failed. In a gas station in Chesterfield, SC we meet up with Mike in the service vehicle and swap it out for a replacement and then head on to Parc Exposé.

Saturday is race day and begins with another Parc Exposé in Chesterfield. The stages’ deep sand, as usual, robs the car of a lot of power and I focus on maintaining as much momentum as possible through the softer sections.

We have no major issues and quickly move into 3rd place in 2 wheel drive class. My main competitor is Andrew Frick who has a 2.3L Duratec engine with more torque that is perfect for these conditions. At the awards party later that evening I’m pleased to remember that Andrew and I are in different classes in the event which gives us 1st place in Open 2WD Light class! We also receive our trophy for being the NASA Rally Sport 2011 Atlantic Rally Cup 2WD champions!

Now to prepare for WRC Mexico.