but those we ran were very good. It was good having Kieran back in the car and we got in the groove v
ery quickly. However my performance wasn’t as good as it should have been and we managed only a 7th place finish in 2WD class.

We seemed to have a secret admirer - as can been seen in the banner picture above, someone had placed a “GO USUK” sign on the approach to the start of one of the stages. It’s nice to get that support. We just had to stop and take the picture.

The stage was quite dusty on the first day and the one minute window separating the cars meant we were often driving into the
dust thrown up by the car in front and that was sometimes exacerbated by the glare from the setting sun. On the later stages they extended the launch intervals to 2 minutes which helped a lot especially when it got dark and we were using the rally lights.

Adam Marris was crew chief and Mike Miller and Mary Miller were our crew at this event and did an excellent job even though it was Mike and Mary’s first event. We had no serious issues with the car this time.

Day 2 of the rally included two long 20 mile stages in good conditions with less dust. The transits to and from service up on Snowshoe Mountain were a bit tedious but we’re hoping for improvements for this event next year. Overall a lot of fun and great roads.