wheel drive so I had to unlearn 5 years of front wheel drive experience. So we were a bit more timid than we might otherwise have been. Despite that we managed to finish in 2nd place in the Open Light class and 10th overall from a f
ield of 30 cars.

Mike Miller and Kerry Feng crewed for us and did a great job. This was also the unveiling of the new team suits provided by sponsor Axcel Sportswear. We’re also partially sponsored by Rally Core who have developed a combination rally computer and intercom that we were running in the car. The system is great but we had issues with our camera and and we failed to capture the intercom audio to the in-car video.

That has since been fixed and we’re also working on mixing ambient rally sound with the intercom feed to the camera. So look out for a more realistic sound in our future videos.

Rather than implement a traditional rally light pod or pods on the car we decided to go hi-tech with the latest in LED lighting technology. Working directly with a supplier we laid out our requirements and had 4 LED light bars configured with multiple 10 watt CREE LEDs for our needs. We designed a solid mounting system and frame. Producing a total of more than 28,000 lumens they worked really well. They should be amazing at the next rally with full night stages, Rally West Virginia in July.

Overall an amazing first run for the new car. Our next event is Empire State Performance Rally on April 20 and 21 based in Rock Hill, NY.